What Changes Does Laurie’s Mother Observe In Her Son The Day He Starts Kindergarten?

What changes does Laurie’s mother observe in her son the day he starts kindergarten cite textual evidence to support your answer?

What changes does Laurie’s mother observe in her son the day he starts kindergarten? Laurie’s mother observes that he is becoming more independent and somewhat rude.

What does Laurie’s mother discover in the school?

Laurie has told his mother about Charles and what he does at school then when his mother talks to the teacher, she discovers that these is no Charles in Lauie’s class.

Why is Laurie’s mother sad about him starting kindergarten?

Mom worries that Laurie may start acting like Charles. The sad part of this story is that Laurie’s parents never really question or pay close attention to Laurie and his day at school, but only question what Charles did. Laurie is their child, and yet in reality he is ignored far more than Charles.

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What is Laurie’s response when asked why did Charles hit the teacher?

On p. 298, what is Laurie’s response when asked, “Why did Charles hit the teacher?” “ Because she tried to make him color with red crayons.” “He wanted to color with green crayons so he hit the teacher…”

Why do you think Laurie turns into a swaggering character when he begins kindergarten explain?

His mother relates that Laurie has graduated from a “sweet-voiced nursery-school tot” to a “long-trousered swaggering character.” This revelation is telling. One can interpret Laurie’s bravado as a sort of coping mechanism. While kindergarten presents new opportunities for Laurie, it is also an unknown entity.

Why is the ending of the story Charles ironic?

The irony in this story is that the horrible boy Charles in kindergarten with Laurie is really Laurie. The irony is that they are so judgmental of Charles and ignore Laurie’s misbehavior.

Why does Laurie cooperate in school?

It is his way of trying to communicate with his parents. Laurie’s parents worry that “Charles” is a bad influence on their child. Laurie comes home one day saying that “Charles” and the whole class had to stay after school.

How does Laurie feel when Charles bad behavior?

In the quote below, one can see Laurie’s enjoyment in telling the tales of Charles’s insolent behavior at school. “The next day Laurie remarked at lunch, as soon as he sat down, “Well, Charles was bad again today.” He grinned enormously and said, “Today Charles hit the teacher.”

How was Laurie at home unlike Charles at school?

At home, Laurie often slams doors, yells, and treats his parents disrespectfully. His parents make no connection between this behavior and Charles’s school antics. They do not even seem to notice that their son is obnoxious at home. His parents either ignore it or are distracted by Charles.

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Why did Laurie create the imaginary boy Charles?

Laurie invented Charles because he is immature and unable to handle the socialization of kindergarten. Charles was Laurie’s way of telling his parents what he did in kindergarten without actually telling them. Every day, Laurie could come home and tell his parents what he did without actually facing consequences.

How did Laurie change when he started kindergarten?

According to Laurie’s mother, the very day he started kindergarten he began to behave differently, older. According to her, that day, he decided not to wear younger styles of clothing like overalls but wanted to instead wear blue jeans and a belt. Laurie no longer clung to her with sweet and loving words.

What did Laurie say about his first day at kindergarten?

Laurie informed very coldly about his first day at kindergarten that he did not learn anything. III. Laurie’s mother wanted to go to the first parents’ teacher’s meeting to meet with Charles’s mother but she could not go as her baby was suffering with cold.

When Laurie started kindergarten What two things did he start wearing?

The day my son Laurie started kindergarten he renounced corduroy overalls with bibs and began wearing blue jeans with a belt; I watched him go off the first morning with the older girl next door, seeing clearly that an era of my life was ended, my sweetvoiced nursery-school tot replaced by a long-trousered, swaggering

What in the story leads you to conclude that Laurie was really Charles?

Expert Answers The biggest clue that Laurie is in fact Charles is how Laurie seems to change so quickly from his mother’s “sweet-voiced nursery-school tot” to “a long-trousered, swaggering character who forgot to stop at the corner and wave good-bye to me.”

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Why did Laurie’s mother sit restlessly at the meeting?

Laurie’s mother wanted to go to the first parents’ teacher’s meeting to meet with Charles’s mother but she could not go as her baby was suffering with cold. Laurie’s mother sat restlessly at the meeting to know the secrets of Charles and to meet his mother.

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