Quick Answer: How To Do Monty’s Mission In Kindergarten?

How do you do MS Applegate’s mission kindergarten?


  1. When you arrive, let Buggs take your money.
  2. Interact with Ms.
  3. Talk to Buggs, and keep pestering him until he starts hitting you.
  4. Ms.
  5. Buy a voice recorder off Monty for your $2.50.
  6. Talk to Cindy, and say Sure. >
  7. The Principal will let Buggs go back to class since he has to deal with you and Cindy.

How do you get rid of Lily in kindergarten?

After pouring a bucket of blood on Lily, she kills herself by falling in Nugget’s Nugget Cave. After knocking on the principal’s door and ratting out on Lily, The Principal (Kindergarten) kills her with his gun then he comes out with blood in his face which reveals that he killed her.

How do you get rid of Buggs in kindergarten?

While you’re talking to Buggs, pick the conversation options that rile him up the most, like the subject of his father. This will get you get beaten up by Buggs. Before you die, be sure to call the Teacher over. With that out of the way, it’s important that you don’t turn against any other students.

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What is the janitor’s name in kindergarten?

Bob is the “Nice Janitor” in Kindergarten 2. The Janitor from the first game despises Bob and gives the Protagonist a quest to kill him.

How did Monty get crippled?

In Kindergarten 2, Monty is seen in a wheelchair, having been crippled by the Janitor previously. He plays the same role as before, buying and selling items that have different uses, although he plays a slightly larger role in the game this time around.

Will there be a kindergarten 3 game?

Kindergarten 3 ( Not Confirmed )

What happened to Billy in kindergarten?

Billy is Lily’s brother who was supposedly expelled and never seen again. It is eventually revealed that he was kidnapped by the principal for walking in on the janitor disposing of one of the creatures’ bodies. He was then placed in a container where experiments were conducted on him.

Does Lily like Nugget?

Nugget is in love with Lily and tries to write her a love letter during his route, though it ends up being unsuccessful, and everyone is disturbed by it. Lily does not trust Nugget that much.

How can I get money for kindergarten?


  1. Start the day with the lunch pass and the flower.
  2. Sell lunch pass to Monty for $3 and invest $1 in a yoyo.
  3. Wait twice and then have Nugget send you to the Principal’s office.
  4. Get the pills and head to class, selling (not giving) a pill to the teacher for a dollar.
  5. Sell rest of pills to Monty for $4.

How do you get your phone in kindergarten?

The Teacher’s Phone can be obtained by completing Buggs’s quest and is one of three items required to start Lily’s quest.

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What is the duck riddle in kindergarten?

During recess In order to solve the duck puzzle, press the yellow duck two times, the blue duck once, the red duck once and the yellow duck again and you’ll get a monster card.

How do you get a laser pointer in kindergarten?

Go to the left side of the shelf, an exclamation mark will pop up, unscrew the screw and the shelf with the stolen stuff box will fall down. Now grab the Laser Pointer out of the box and go straight to the exit. You will get sent back to class and after a short conversation with Jerome lunchtime will start.

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