FAQ: I Have Who Has Kindergarten?

What is I have Who Has?

“I Have, Who Has?” games are such a fun way for students to practice skills and consolidate knowledge. The premise is a simple one. Each game contains a set of cards with an answer and a question. The person with the starter card asks their “who has…” question.

How do you end I have who has?

For example: I have “to” Who has “it” Then the next card would say I have “it” Who has “you” This continues until the last card at which point you would circle back around and end that card with the first word/letter/etc you used on the first card.

How to Play I have Who Has in the classroom?

Students must focus and listen carefully to decide whether the definition matches one of their words. The person who has the word being defined calls out “I have” followed by the word. That person then reads the “Who has” definition on her card. The game continues until all the definitions have been read.

Who Got Game meaning?

to be really good at doing something, especially sports.

How does Quiz Quiz trade work?

Quiz Quiz Trade is a cooperative-learning technique that allows students to review information with other students by asking and answering questions. If students make tally marks on the back of the card each time the information is missed this becomes a great assessment piece that can drive future discussions.

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